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Many thanks for your trust in us and for these nice messages!

I loved working with these guys so much! Not only are they keen on really bringing your imagination to life, they are also the kindest people and an amazing team! I am thrilled to have been able to work with them and bring my ideas and concepts to life, in a way that I didn’t think was even possible! Thank you for being so professional and creative! To many more projects with Lenzelot!

As a particularly extravagant and at the same time serious artist, at the beginning of my creative work, I had problems finding people to whom I could clarify my creative visions.

But when I contacted Lance and met the first time, it immediately clicked.

Being able to work with Lance really is a pleasure, not only has he become a fantastic producer, but he has also become a good friend of mine.

Every time I make my way to his studio, I do so with a feeling of unbelievable anticipation, it's always unique and the room is filled with unbelievably positive energy that he radiates.

I can say with complete conviction that I do not want to absorb more from anyone else than Lenzelot.

Through Lawrence's versatile and sophisticated education / experience, he has the perfect component. He has both the artistic understanding of music (both vocals and instrumentalization) and the technical of the best equipment on the market.

He can empathize perfectly with the wishes of the customer and immediately implement even the most abstract idea. This is a quality that I think you can not pay, let alone easy to find.

He chose his team very carefully. They are perfectly attuned to each other and everyone is master of his own area.
Half-hearted work does not exist from Lenzelot.And I love it that way.
All the results are so highly professional and impressive that you can not tell the difference to millions of international projects.

Plus, working with Lawrence is great fun as the hours of peak performance fly by.

I write this review so euphoric, because the works that I am most proud of in my career have been created by Lenzelot. At the moment I'm working in London (which is actually due to them) and I have not found a similar studio here either.
Every penny I've invested in them is worth hundreds of dollars today.

Thank you Lenzelot! I am very curious, what will make your Traumfrabrik so everything!

"It's always a pleasure to work with Lawrence. Whether music video or music production, everything is done in-time and in-budget as best as possible! "

We had endless fun and felt in good hands at all times. Highly dedicated and with a lot of passion, Lenzelot has managed to create wonderful songs with us. The relaxed atmosphere and the very appreciative interaction impressed us. We can absolutely recommend Lenzelot and give it the title: leiwand !.

Christin made me perfect for my video shoot! The working atmosphere was very relaxed and I felt very well! Make-up and hair have met my wishes 100%! I was very happy with the result and will definitely book Christin again!