Music Video Productions

Video clips are proven ways for a business to thrill its market segment. The perfect combination of appealing pictures and rousing music turns a good music video into a real hit.

Film | Image Production

Whether a complex story or a succinct advertising film, the creative minds of Lenzelot always create the product that arouses interest and makes a great impression

Recording | Mix | Mastering

By perfectly matching your company's soundscape, you can further expand your corporate identity over the competition and reach your customers everywhere with a unique recognition value The perfect tone for the tailor-made image is the best way to leave a positive impression that will be remembered forever. "

Voice Over

The special way of marketing as Voice Over carries the individuality of your company out into the world. The perfect voice to unmistakably present your product.


The professional indoor and outdoor shots enhance the impact of every message the customer receives from your company. It provides the right attention and recognition to stand out from the competition.

Music Composition

Music that gets under your skin, melodies that are memorable, distinctive sounds that represent the desired image are essential to any good production, and are written and produced on demand by our talented in-house composer, music & music producer team. If desired, promotional jingles, songs, complete albums or video clip and film soundtracks can be realized in any style from ambient, pop, rock, world, electronic music and jazz to orchestral film music

3D Animation

If the reality of your vision is not enough, we have the necessary 3D elements, animations and visual effects to expand the reality. Whether game assets or 3D solutions for your advertising, music videos or films, we take the challenge with enthusiasm.


Modern graphics and design is the expression of progress and openness. It perfectly speaks the language of the target audience and underlines every message you want to send to your customers. The personality and character of your company are thus clearly identifiable and sets you apart from the competition.

Digital Art

Digital art and photo manipulation make the boundaries of physics and the possible disappear. Together with your vision, we create transcendental illusions that will make your portrait, product or cover artwork look unique and amaze your target audience.